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The Benefits of the Aqua Walker and conditioning

• acts as an anti-inflammatory
• improves circulation
• guards against leg injuries
• relieves up to 60% of body weight depending on water levels
• relieves body tension
• relaxes the entire muscular system
• rehabilitation of injuries
• gentle mobilization
• muscle development from water resistance
• medium impact on joints from the buoyancy of the water
• aids older horses gentle rehabilitation during racing preparations


Pre-training on an aqua-walker will benefit your horse by helping it to achieve a level of fitness required to continue ongoing work at the trainers while keeping pressure off their joints. It has been suggested that four to six weeks spent on the Aqua-walker is equivalent to doing the same amount of time pace-working at the track even though it hasn't galloped.

Mid Prep Freshen up
Once your racehorse is up and going the Aqua Walker is often used to freshen up your horse after it has a hard run.  It is an excellent tool for shin soreness and muscle fatigue. A 5 day spell which incorporates turning the horse out to a yard for a few hours each day and exercising on the Aqua Walker can retain the fitness of the horse while still providing both a mental and physical break during their preparation.

We are happy to work with you and your vet to provide your horse  with  a program  that will produce a  successful rehabilitation. As well as our stabling and spelling facilities the Aqua Walker can be a valuable tool and good starting point to resuming work and moving towards achieving this goal. It as therapeutic advantages for tendon and ligament injuries, joint problems, shin soreness and general swellings and stiffness associated with performance horses.

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